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Hot on Top

With 52% of young Americans planning to use whipped cream this Valentine’s Day and a third admitting to wanting “as much as they can get their hands on,” according to a recent survey, why not celebrate this day of love with a sexy “Hot on Top” cocktail? Enriched with the decadent flavors of hot chocolate and an Atomic Hot, cinnamon kick, Pinnacle Vodka’s “Hot on Top” is sure to make this holiday a memorable one.… Read more

Hiram Walker “Original Cinn” Cinnamon Schnapps – Review

Unlike last year, this year's winter is fairly mild. But, burr... it's still cold out there in certain parts of the United States. The Hiram Walker "Original Cinn" Cinnamon Schnapps will help keep you warm this winter.

The Rooster

A cocktail in honor of "True Grit": The Rooster

Hot Cinn Apple Toddy

Courtesy of Hiram Walker.… Read more

Smashed Pumpkin

Courtesy of Wild Turkey 101.… Read more

Candy Cane

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Firecracker Shot

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