Super Bowl MVPs: Most Valuable Pairings!

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The big game is here and millions will be watching around the world as the Giants and Patriots do battle this Sunday. From barrooms to back porches, Super Bowl Parties will be in full swing and spreads will be aplenty. Freaked out because you don’t even have a menu? Take a time out and we’ll help you brush up on a few Super Bowl MVPs – Most Valuable Pairings! Pour an easy cocktail and match it with a few snack classics and you’re sure to carried on the shoulders of your party guests! 

  • There is nothing better than pizza and beer on game day, but a close second will be a slice of pie and a large glass filled with The Steel Curtain. Mix tequila, a beer of your choice and lemon lime soda for a strong, refreshing pairing with a  hearty pizza. 
  • Looking to wash down a few tacos? Grab a shot glass and step into The Red Zone. Mix tequila, sangrita and lime juice for a quick shot sure to take that taco to the next level.
  • Do you have any Patriot fans looking to warm themselves up with a bowl of New England Clam Chowder? Prep a batch of Patriot Tea and tell them to grab a mug of this black tea based cocktail. 
  • Buffalo wings? Check. Blue cheese dressing? Check. Something to wash it down? Check. Grab a cocktail shaker and make yourself a Jolly Red Giants to ease the burn. Absolut Ruby Red, pomegranate and lemon juice along with maraschino liqueur will send your tastebuds into overtime!

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