Super Bowl XLII / XLVI Drinking Game

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Update: Now that the Giants and Pats find themselves matched up once again in Super Bowl XLVI, we thought it appropriate to resurface this one drinking game from Super Bowl XVII. We added a few new rules to drink by. Have some rules of you own to add, do it in the comments!

New for Super Bowl XLVI
Drink anytime:

  • Tom Brady and Joe Montana are mentioned in the same sentence. Drink again if you hear “dynasty”.
  • Someone says, “Belichick is an evil genius”.
  • the 49ers or Ravens are brought up. Yes, this is what we should be watching.
  • Plaxico comes up after any discussion or play by Victor Cruz.
  • Pre Halftime, two words “wardrobe malfunction”.

original article (Jan 30, 2008)

I was already to sit down and write my own drinking game for the Super Bowl, but I ran across this on le basketbawl an NBA blog of all things, but this guy nailed it. So why recreate the wheel? I got drinking to do!

Here’s my favorites.
Drink every time:

– You see Peyton Manning in a commercial. Good Luck!
– The camera finds its way onto the Manning Family. I doubt you’ll make it through the first half with this one!
– An announcer makes reference to Gisele Bundchen!
– Randy Moss is noted as now being a hard worker or mature.
– Bill Parcells is brought up.
– You hear a player is giving it “110%”!
– You hear the word “Dynasty.”
– The Miami Dolphins or Don Shula or champagne are mentioned.
– “American Idol” is mentioned.
– Vince Lombardi’s name is brought up.

and one of my own:
Joe Buck forgets that Eli Manning isn’t Payton and calls him Payton.

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