Sipping Stones

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How to chill a fine Scotch without succumbing to tons of dilution?  A question as old as the Whisky itself.  

Sipping Stones, made of 100% soap stone, solves the problem by not being ice.  That’s right, these rocks are rocks. Simply store these dice sized cubes in the freezer and they are ready to chill when you are.  Which for me is always.

So how did they do chilling my Scotch (or beverage of your choice)?  It took a bit longer for the stones chill down the booze.  They held the chill for enough time to enjoy a few fingers.  Maybe not as long as ice, but long enough.   Though I know that these are non-porous so they don’t effect the taste, I did get a bit hung up on having actually stones on my drink.  I’m weird that way.  ($25)

Sipping Stones

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