Remy V.S.O.P Bottle by David LaChapelle Review

remy lachappelle

Remy Martin recently partnered with artist David LaChapelle to create
a limited-edition VSOP bottle that unleashed the youthful energy of Remy Martin VSOP. Remy also asked LaChapelle to draw on the cognac’s origins, the cabaret scene at Parisian nightclubs during the Jazz Age. What he came up is a stunning bottle featuring a sensual woman dancing in a vibrant, intensely colored jungle with a powerful leopard leaping through the air.

Only 150,000 of these bottle were produced and they are lovely. So is the content, Remy Martin has long been a favorite of mine. It is smooth, fruity and oh so warm. Prefect for the San Francisco summer.

The signature cocktails Sex-a-Peel, Melon Baller and Aphrodisiac were created by mixologist Ugo Jobin.

Remy Martin

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