The Whiskeyburger Cocktail

whiskeyburger cocktail esquireI was reading Esquire and came across this most interesting of cocktails.

In the ever fashionable trend of “Molecular Mixology” a few Esquire staffers created the Wiskeyburger Cocktail, described by Esquire’s David Wondrich as “a glass of tan liquid with some greenish froth on top and a dill-pickle slice hanging off the rim.”

According to Wondrich, the exchange went like this:

What’s this? we asked.


Okay. What’s in it?

“Beefskey, tomato syrup, mustard — ”

Uh, back up. Beefskey?

“Yeah, you just fat-wash a pound of ground chuck with rye….”

Made with beef-infused whiskey, lettuce-onion flavored foam and mustard bitters this drink takes 4 hours to prepare (2 weeks if you count the bitters) and needs some special equipment. Hardly a quick refresher, yet it has its place. I am thinking this drink is perfect for an event like Super Bowl Sunday.

David tell us this cocktail actually tastes like a hamburger. I gotta get one!

The Whiskeyburger Cocktail [Esquire]
Photo by Chris Eckert/Studio D.

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