Limoncello – Not Just After Dinner

If you have ever been to Italy, you’ve probably ended a meal with a shot of ice cold limoncello. Yes, it is a perfect topper for a fine meal. Limoncello isn’t just a digestif, it’s lemony goodness can be used for so much more.

First of all, cocktails. Duh. The folks at Caravella (a site sponsor) have made a whole bunch of tasty, tangy limoncello cocktail including Soda Limon, Venetia and Caravella Cooler.

Limoncello is also great for cooking, lending it’s sweet lemony tang to everything from artichokes to roast pork loin, and don’t forget the desserts. Caravella has created an entire menu – click here to see them all. OMG, I am getting hungry.

See an entire meal made with Limoncello, and afterward you can top it off with, you guessed it, ice cold limoncello.

Of course, you could just add some cola to it and order out.


1 1/2 ounce Caravella Limoncello

Add ice and Caravella to a tall glass. Top with cola.

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