Win A Trip to the Glastonbury Music Festival

The makers of my beloved Newcastle Brown Ale want to send you to the Glastonbury Music Festival in England!


Because, who doesn’t like a rock show in a small English town with a mystical past?

Glastonbury is said to be the burial place of King Aurthur. The whole area’ known as the “Isle of Avalon”, is over looked by the Glastonbury Tor, a tall hill topped with a medieval tower. Way cool. I climbed it, amazing.

Back to the contest. Four luck winners will win concert tickets, airfare, hotel accommodations and spending money to attend the 2009 Festival with a guest of their choice. 10 runner-up winners win a custom Newcastle Brown Ale-branded Michael Kelly guitar. Just because.

To enter the sweepstakes mail in entry forms can be found at stores Nationwide. Sorry, no internet entries. Maybe next year.

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