Jameson Comedy Tour

jamesontour2sm.jpgLast week I had the opportunity to learn a bit more about Jameson and the Comedy Tour they are sponsoring. The tour will stop in 10 cities over the next several months.

I spoke with Jameson Brand Director, Larry Neuringer, about the brand and it’s relation to comedy. Turns out that John Jameson fought pirates before he started making his famous Irish whiskey in 1780. In reference to his dangerous past, Jameson made “Sine Metu” or “With Out Fear” the motto of the brand. Even today, every bottle of Jameson carries this motto. What does this have to do with comedy? Not only does stand up comedy take a fearless person, it is right in step with the fun and sociable characteristics of the Jameson. Comedians also known to be real and authentic, which are also hallmarks of the brand. To exemplify this notion, Jameson looked at 200 comics and picked the 4 they felt were the most unusual. They ended up choosing 4 very funny guys, Billy Gardell, Steve Byrne, Danny Bevins and Nick Griffin.

We caught the show while it stopped in San Jose (yes, I know the way). Nick Griffin, was absent, but was replaced by the enormously funny Bill Dwyer who, by his own admission, is more Irish than any of the other guys. Dwyer kicked off the show with a hilarious set exploring jobs and relationships. Danny Bevins followed telling how he loves to close down a bar, because at 2 am all the good stuff happens. Next was Steve Byrne, half Korean half Irish and a load of fun. His set was a sometimes over the edge, but in a way I expect at a comedy club. Billy Gardell finished the show with a rollicking set exploring the life of a happily married comic.

After the show we had the opportunity to sit down with the guys and talk, well, about Jameson and comedy. First we asked how they all took their Jameson.

The results:
Bill Dywer – on the rocks
Danny Bevins – on the rocks or as a shot with a beer
Steve Byrne – asked if they make a wine cooler
Billy Gardell – shot

Next, we talked about what it meant to be associated with Jameson on tour. To be a part of a the great Irish tradition of storytelling. After all, that is what comedy and Jameson are all about. For Billy and Danny, it also means they can get paid in product. Steve, still waiting on the wine coolers, gets paid cash.

Finally, we asked for a bar joke:

Danny brought up a late night bar joke, judging for the white face of the PR Rep, we won’t tell it here (still, it had me rolling).

Billy responded with:

A man goes into a bar and order orders 75 shots of Jameson. The bartender says, I don’t want to tell you what to do, but I wouldn’t drink all of that. The gentleman responds, well you would if you had what I had. Bartender says, what’s that? The guy says, “75 cents.”

As a final note, Billy mentioned that not only are they keeping us laughing, they are “moving some product.”

If you can, I recommend you catch the show. Jameson Comedy Tour

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