It’s National Margarita Day!

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Margaritas are the cocktails known for their sweet taste, salted rim and party-starting capabilities. This classic, tequila-based drink is one of the most popular cocktails in the United States and though it’s typically made with the same three ingredients (tequila, Cointreau/triple sec and lemon/lime juice), throughout the years many new flavors have been added to the original recipe. The types of margaritas you can have are nearly endless with different flavors of liqueurs and fruit juices ranging in everything from sweetness down to the color of the cocktail.

For National Margarita Day we wanted to share some of our favorite ways to add a little variety to your margarita — even a recipe for sorbet!

Fresh Mango Margarita — this refreshing cocktail is sweet, bright and good for you, too!
Margarita of Love — bring all those good feelings back from V-Day with this yummy, pink drink.
Bloody Blood Orange Margarita —  this citrus fruit is not only a great addition to this drink, it’s also in season through March.
Margarita Sorbet — if you’re a whiz in the kitchen and have the appliances to prove it, this unique recipe might be calling your name.
Warm Winter Margarita — grab a mug and stay warm with a cocktail perfect for a cold day.
Cranberry Mint Margarita —  try this cocktail with fruit juice and mint garnish for a fresh take on a classic.



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