Hiram Walker Butterscotch Schnapps Review

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Winter is almost upon us and, for some reason, I associate butterscotch schnapps with winter. I guess it’s because of those buttery, toffee, butterscotch flavors. And, it may also be because on my 21st birthday, which occurred in December, I celebrated with a number of butterscotch flavored drinks. It must have been the bartender’s specialty because I don’t remember specifically ordering butterscotch drinks that evening. Many years later, I still recall that evening fondly.

We recently received a care package with a selection of Hiram Walker Schnapps. One of the flavors in the care package was butterscotch. It has been a number of years since I indulged in butterscotch schnapps. I didn’t really know what to expect. Would it live up to my expectations from the 1990s when I used to drink butterscotch schnapps, along with peach and a number of other flavors, with regularity? I am happy to report that it did!

The Hiram Walker butterscotch schnapps was visually very clear, a medium minus tawny to light brown color. On the nose, medium intensity of butterscotch (like butterscotch hard candy), vanilla, toffee, butter and salt. On the palate, a medium minus intensity of butterscotch (between butterscotch hard candies and butterscotch pudding), butter, toffee and a saltiness. Body is a light and not overly viscous or sugary. Very nice control on the sugar level—you get the purity of the butterscotch without overwhelming sugar or sweetness. Medium finish. Good to very good.

For the holidays, give the Buttery Nipple a try (and feel free to provide a Safe for Family name for it). If I remember correctly, I had a number of these on my 21st birthday.

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