DIY Cinnamon-Infused Vodka

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The scent and taste of cinnamon conjure warm holiday memories. And since everything is better with booze, why not add the magic of cinnamon to your vodka?

You could use it in place of plain vodka in recipes where cinnamon would be a desirable twist, such as ones with apple, cranberry, pear, honey or cream flavors. Maybe try it in some Yule Tide Punch. (To learn how to design your own recipes, check out our book, DIY Cocktails.)


1 cup vodka
5 cinnamon sticks, broken in half


Put the cinnamon sticks in a sealable glass container. Pour the vodka over them, seal the jar, and then shake. Let the mixture steep for two days, tasting after one to determine when desired flavor is achieved. Strain into another sealable glass container. Store as you would any other spirit.

Photo by S. Diddy.

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