Firefly Sweet Tea Bourbon Review

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Firefly Sweet Tea Bourbon comes from our friends at the Firefly distillery. They import Buffalo Trace Bourbon from Kentucky and infuse with their proprietary sweet tea recipe. Firefly Sweet Tea Bourbon is the ultimate Southern treat, the marrying of Bourbon and sweet tea.

The Firefly Sweet Tea Bourbon is almost the same color as the vodka but with darker brown hues to the highlights through the amber liquid. On the nose, the Sweet Tea Bourbon marries the aroma of sweet tea with the vanilla, oak and corn notes of the Bourbon. On the palate, the both the sweet tea and the bourbon are diluted but the notes of both shine through (tea, sugar, vanilla, oak).

The Firefly Sweet Tea Bourbon is a good substitute for Bourbon in some drinks but be careful who you serve it to. While the Sweat Tea Bourbon would make a good Manhattan, a Bourbon purist would not be happy with the substitution. My personal pick to the Charleston Julep where the sweet tea with add a nice complexity to the drink without overwhelming.

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