Vodka Recipes

Ghostly Coolada

 Created by Alex Straus, courtesy of Skyy Vodka.… Read more

Witch’s Brew #2

Courtesy of Godiva Chocolate Raspberry Infused Vodka.… Read more

Blood Martini

 Courtesy of Ketel One Vodka… Read more

The Great Pumpkin

Courtesy of Ketel One Vodka.… Read more

Vampire’s Punch

Created by Alex Straus, courtesy of Skyy Infusions.… Read more

UV Vampire Kiss

Courtesy of UV Vodka.… Read more

Green Ghoul

Courtesy of UV Vodka.… Read more

Heather 81

Welcome autumn with this honeyed cocktail from Grey Goose Vodka! The honey comb garnish is beautiful and delicious. If you want to play with flavors, try blackberry honey, lavender honey, or another floral honey for a more intense taste. Photo and recipe courtesy of Grey Goose Vodka.… Read more

The Red Witch

Courtesy of UV Vodka.… Read more


Courtesy of Skyy Infusions.… Read more