Cooking My Way Back Home – Literary Monday

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For the past few weeks, we have been reviewing books related to wine and spirit histories and memoirs and drink recipes.  So, we have decided to mix it up a bit and are reviewing a cookbook.  After all, you do need some food to accompany all that booze.  This week’s pick is Cooking My Way Back Home by Mitchell Rosenthal of San Francisco’s Town Hall, Postrio, Anchor & Hope and Salt House.  I will freely admit that all are good but Town Hall is my favorite.  And, I have fond memories of Postrio as it’s one of the first “nice” restaurants that I went to in San Francisco to celebrate an early anniversary with the hubby.

Cooking My Way Back Home has an amazing array of recipes, all of which would make great accompaniments to booze, whether that be cocktails, wine or beer.  It’s the perfect food to serve at a boozy dinner party.  Personally, those are my favorite kind.  There is nothing better than spending an evening with friends around the table with platters of delicious food being passed from person to person with free flowing wine and cocktails.  I can guarantee that the recipes in this book will not disappoint!

Mr. Rosenthal exhibits his eclectic cooking style in Cooking My Way Home.  It’s Cajun meets California meets Jewish with a dose of straight up American.  You can see why it’s such a great accompaniment to booze.  Try the Fried Oysters with a Ramos Gin Fizz in a combination that celebrates two New Orleans classics.  For a Jewish take, combine the Cured Salmon with Potato Latkes with iced vodka (if you want some adventure, try the Effen Cucumber or Ketel One Lemon vodkas).  If you are in the mood for Californian, try the Seared Tuna with a Pinot Noir from the Russian River Valley or Oregon or the Pozole with a Gruner Veltliner.  There is also an amazing barbeque chapter – pair it with Syrah.

In addition to recipes that go great with booze, Mr. Rosenthal’s recipes are also easy to make with available ingredients.  As a collector of cookbooks, I can tell you that recipes that works for home chefs is no easy task.  Some of my favorite cookbooks, which include those from the Silver Palate ladies, Jamie Oliver and the Barefoot Contessa, are ones that have recipes tailored for the home chef.  Cooking My Way Back Home has quickly moved into my list of favorite cookbooks.  It’s easy and delicious with timeless recipes.  Give it a try!


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