Cocktail Party Food – The Basics

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With December just a week or so away, I thought a little cocktail party food refresher was in order. I always have an issue with this, but when trying to decide how much food to get for your cocktail party – always err on the side of too much! You can always put it in the fridge or send extras home with friends. I always seem to have takers. When planning party food, this is my top 10 (in no particular order):

  1. Cheese: serve a variety of hard and soft cheeses.
  2. Bread: good fresh baguettes are best.
  3. Fruit: grapes, apple & pear slices, strawberries.
  4. Crackers: I like soda crackers, Triskets and the good ol’ Ritz.
  5. Olives: Don’t skimp and get the fancy Greek ones.
  6. Pickles: The small koshers are a must, try some peppers and mushroom as well.
  7. Cured Meats: When having bread and cheese, one needs salami, sausage and other meaty treats.
  8. Fresh Veggies: Nothing is more popular than a good ranch dip and fresh-cut carrots, cucumbers, mushrooms and other veggies.
  9. Dips: A good taco dip can anchor any get together, other favorites include artichoke and the famous french onion.
  10. Chips: Make sure they go with your dips.

Of course this is the basics, feel free to explore the world of heavier appetizers that includes chicken wings, brochettes and other more involved finger treats.

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