Cocktail Casting Call: Mad Men

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The hottest Madison Avenue firm on television is back! This Sunday Mad Men kicks off it’s fifth season on AMC and you better not be caught with an empty glass when the show starts! If you’re looking to pour a stiff drink like Draper or savor a tall glass of Joan Harris, I have you covered as we have our very own Cocktail Casting Call just in time for the season premiere. 

Don Draper’s Old Fashioned
What else could possibly cap off the perfect Mad Men experience? Don Draper’s iconic tumbler screams for a crisp Old Fashioned, and we have the recipe that will make it a mix mainstay. Your favorite Brandy or Whiskey, bitters and citrus soda mix together for the classic that will transport you to a New York Lounge. If you’re looking for a new twist on the classic, you’ll love trying sexy Old Fashioned 101. Mix bourbon, apple cider, amaretto along with hints of sage, saffron and brown sugar and you made the Old Fashioned brand new again. 

Joan Harris’ Gimlet
Joan Harris simply exudes sophistication and sensuality, and the Vodka Gimlet is a perfect accompaniment to her persona. While simple in ingredients, the mixed drink of Vodka and lime juice will leave you thirsting for more after your glass runs dry. However, if you’re looking for a little something new and exciting to fill your cocktail glass, try a Lychee Gimlet instead! Use gin instead of Vodka, and a pair of shelled and pitted lychees to create a fresh new twist on a classic cocktail. 

Roger Sterling’s Martini
Roger Sterling is known for his love of a good bottle of Stolichnaya Vodka, so what better drink to pour than a classic Martini. Vodka and dry vermouth with an olive is an essential for every Mad Men loving fan’s glass. However, if you’re looking for a Martini with a seductive twist, try the Fireside Martini, which is destined to your new favorite cocktail. Pair the Stoli with the seductive reds of maraschino and pomegranate liqueur along with triple sec and vermouth and you have the perfect finale to your evening by the fire.

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