Chocolate-Coconut Rum

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Dark chocolate and coconut are an amazing combination. You can bring those flavors to your cocktails with this simple infusion. The bitter cacao nibs in this recipe bring the tantalizing chocolate aroma without adding more sweetness. The coconut rum brings in a hint of sweetness and tempers the intensity of the cacao.

You can use this as the base for a Manhattan-style drink made with sweet vermouth and orange bitters, or along with some vodka in a martini-style drink.



2 parts coconut rum, like Malibu
1 part cacao nibs


Pour the nibs into a sealable glass jar. Cover with the rum and shake. Let steep for one day. Strain into another container and store as you would any other liquor.

This recipe is from our book DIY Cocktails, where you’ll find more interesting infusions and recipes!

Photo courtesy of Jackson Stakeman.

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