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The Most Fattening Cocktails

Forbes, the magazine famous for lists, has put out a list for us all to remember as we dive into the holidays. As you know, I am a big fan of cocktails and mixology. That said, they do have some calories, so proceed with caution. Remember that booze has quite a few calories, even in small amounts. A 1-ounce shot has as many calories as a beer. Wow, who knew? Of course, not using … Read more

The Rules – Things A Man Should Know About Drinking

A few years ago, Esquire put out a terrific list of rules that every man, and we mean EVERY man should know. Here are a few of our favorites:

#9 Garnish matters.

#13 At the office holiday party, have one fewer drink than your boss.

#24 On those chrome, hourglass-shaped bar measuring cups, the big side is the jigger. The little side is the pony. Never use the pony.

#39 Don’t call the bartender Barkeep,

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Happy Repeal Day

Every December 5th we pause to remember the passing of the 21st Amendment, thus ending Prohibition. Yea, FDR!

The nice folks at sent us this fun bit of history. Dewar’s Scotch was the first legal whisky to arrive in the US, hitting New York’s South Street Seaport docks the moment the law was put into action. Joseph Kennedy, Sr. (JFK’s father) happened to be the US agent for the brand.

We found this cool video … Read more

Cocktail Party Cheat Sheets

Never know what to say at cocktail parties? I sure don’t. This clever book of cheat sheets by the folks at Mental Floss, my new favorite website, will make you the most interesting person at you next office party or neighbors cocktail party. This book is chock full of witty anecdotes and amazing facts that will allow you to start and maintain random party chatter.

Never be caught speechless again. Release your inner geek and … Read more


Johnnie Walker Gives

Johnnie Walker is giving back to the community this holiday season and whisky drinkers can help. The whisky maker is donating $5 from every personalized label ordered from johnniewalkergives.com. The money will go to building housing in New Orleans, which is still recovering from Hurricane Katrina. The company has pledged $150,000, which will build 2 houses.

“Johnnie Walker personalized label is an easy way to make a truly impactful holiday gift,” said Bill Topf, Johnnie … Read more

Black Velvet

This week’s drink comes to use from the nice people at Guinness. This drink adds a bit of holiday sophistication to perfection that is a freshly poured Guinness. Adding champagne gives this Irish classic just a hint of fruity sweetness. Truly a fine way to toast the holiday season. Brilliant!

    Onto the drink…

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Celebrate Repeal Day December 5th!

It’s that time of year again. No, not annual holiday celebration, it is something else. This Tuesday we celebrate the end to a dark time in American history, the passing of the 21 Amendment, thus repealing the 18th (aka Prohibition). For cocktails, however, Prohibition was a huge success. During Prohibition, people were drinking more than ever, it was the roaring 20s after all. Unfortunately, the only liquor folks could get was typically homemade and terrible. … Read more

Win Free Booze!

The nice folks at Thrillist are giving away some nice bottles of super-premium spirits and a Metrokane barware set just for giving them your email address. They’re picking a new winner each week until either they run out of booze and bar sets.

Thrillist is a New York based daily email covering the latest in food, drink, gear, gadets and travel. They only send one item each day, so as not to overload us with … Read more

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New Holiday Cocktails

Happy Holidays! ‘Tis the season to be jolly and what makes me more jolly than a few cups of holiday cheer. We’ve put together a fun hip collection of cocktails & punches for you to to test on your party guests. Keep checking back as this list will be growing throughout the month. Cheers!

Holiday Cocktails
Holiday Punches… Read more

Book Pick: Brian Griffin’s Guide to Booze, Broads, and the Lost Art of Being a Man

The perfect gift for the man in your life. In this guide, Brian breaks down the problems with today’s men and set out to better us all. Brian’s mission is to re-introduce a bit of style into the everyday man. He lays out how to be classy, fashionable,  and all around more attractive. He also waxes poetic on tips for picking up dames, and breaks ’em all down. As for the booze part, Brian adds … Read more