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Drinking Guinness with Your Phone

Imagine needing a Guinness (this happens often at DOTW) and finding it with your phone. That’s what mobile marketing company Naviblog and drinks maker Diageo had in mind, when they released “Guinness Navi” yesterday: a service that allows you to find your nearest Guinness-serving pub by just clicking on your phone. The service is available only in Tokyo for right now, apparently.

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Spring Cocktails

Well, we made through another winter—and not a moment too soon. Having survived last week’s Northeaster in NYC, this barkeep is ready for the warm weather.

To help celebrate, our new friend Rebecca sent us four refreshing cocktails that evoke the brightness of spring. She was also kind enough to brave the storm and introduce me to some amazing cocktails at Sapa an extremely cool spot on 24th Street near Madison Park that serves French … Read more

Irish Guy

This week, in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, we bring you a wonderful combination of to Irish classics, Guinness and Baileys. Reader jmccarti swears it tastes great even though it sounds a bit gross. With these two ingredients, how could it be bad!… Read more

St. Patrick’s Day Toast?

Enjoy some of Colum Egan, Master Distiller of Bushmills Irish Whiskey, favorite Irish toasts this St. Patrick’s Day.

The most important aspect of any toast is the words themselves, says Egan. The toasts are often short poems, mixing great tidings with a bit of whimsy and a large dose of Irish charm.â

A favorite of his is and mine:

May your blessings outnumber the Shamrocks that grow,
And may trouble avoid you wherever you go.… Read more

Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey Review

Just arrived in time for St. Patrick’s Day. Tullamore Dew is a traditional Irish Whiskey, smooth and buttery in flavor. This smooth whiskey was first distilled in 1829 and the recipe had changed little since. It has a nose of lemon, spices with a slight woody undertone. It’s a taste is warming with a smooth, spicy finish.

This fine whiskey was recently made the official whiskey of the Buena Vista on San Francisco, the home … Read more

St. Patricks Day Drinks (part 2)

This year do St. Partick’s Day with style and taste with a mouth-watering green cocktail. Whether you are partaking in a parade, enjoying some delicious corn beef or busy hunting for that pot of gold, one of these cocktails is sure to put you into the spirit of all that is Irish. Recipes courtesy of Midori.

Midori Clover Martini

¾ oz Midori melon liqueur
2 oz Skyy Citrus vodka
Splash of white cranberry Juice… Read more

Last Call! An Anthology of Drinking Quotes

Very good collection of drinking quotes from luminaries like Shakespeare, Winston Churchill and Billy Carter. They have also pulled together some classic drinking quotes from the movies. And if that is not enough, we have even more drinking quotes for you to enjoy and borrow.

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The Kegulator

This tool at kegulator.com is key for planning a any party. The site is simple and easy to use. Next party I have, I’ll be testing the Kegulator out. For 100 people it suggests 4 kegs, 120 cups and 177 pounds of ice.

What is really cool about the Kegulator is the sliders, which let you choose the degree to which your guest willl be drinking. Based on you estimates, the site adjust the amounts … Read more

Lazydrinker Automatic Drink Mixer

Want a cocktail, but don’t feel like mixing drinks? Well, now you can have the aptly-named “Lazydrinker” do it for you. The Lazydrinker looks like a normal ice chest, but in reality it is a computer-controlled drink mixing wonder. Each unit, which retails for about $450, can hold 16 ingredients which are precisely mix according to the recipe. The computer’s recipe database has over 5,000 drinks, so you can try something different every day for … Read more

Kahlúa White Leprechaun

This week’s drink should get us in the mood for a fun St. Patrick’s Day. This drink combines Kahlúa, Jameson’s and cream, garnished with mint and vanilla. Yum. We have a ton of great cocktails for you to try out on party goers this St. Patty’s. Yes, it is not all green beer!

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