Spring Cocktails

Well, we made through another winter—and not a moment too soon. Having survived last week’s Northeaster in NYC, this barkeep is ready for the warm weather.

To help celebrate, our new friend Rebecca sent us four refreshing cocktails that evoke the brightness of spring. She was also kind enough to brave the storm and introduce me to some amazing cocktails at Sapa an extremely cool spot on 24th Street near Madison Park that serves French Southeast Asian Cuisine. Sapa features a lively bar, great decor and a terrific cocktail list. Thanks, Rebecca!

The Impassioned Malibu Mojito

2 parts Malibu Passion Fruit Rum
.25 parts lime juice
Top with splash lemon-lime soda

Muddle lime, mint, and sugar and top with ice. Serve in a highball glass, garnished with a healthy sprig of mint and lime wedge.

Recipe and photo courtesy of Malibu Rum.


Kahlúa Cooler

2 parts Kahlúa
1.5 parts Freshly Brewed Coffee
1 part Well Chilled Milk

Add Kahlúa and milk into a highball glass with ice. Add milk and stir with spoon.

Recipe and photo courtesy of Kahlúa.

Tezon BlossomTezon_Blossom2.jpg

Pre-marinate fresh fruit pieces in lime juice and Malibu Passion Fruit Rum.

2 parts Tequila Tezón Blanco
.5 part SOHO Lychee Liqueur
1 part pomegranate juice
1 part orange juice
Spoonful of sugar

Serve over ice in a rocks glass filled with marinated fruit pieces.

Recipe and photo courtesy of Tequila Tezón.

BeefeaterVictorianLemonade2.jpgBeefeater Victorian Lemonade

1.5 parts Beefeater Gin
2 parts traditional lemonade
Crushed mint leaves

Stir all ingredients with ice and serve in a highball glass. Garnish with crushed mint and a lemon wheel.

Recipe and photo courtesy of Beefeater Gin.

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