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60 Things Worth Shortening Your Life For

This is one of the best list I’ve seen in a long time. Put together by the folks at Esquire, this is the perfect guide to enjoying life to the fullest.

Some of our favorites:

#19. The Ramos Ginfizz

In a cocktail shaker, dissolve 1 tbsp sugar in 1 tbsp water. Add:

1 ½ ounce Tanqueray gin
½ ounce lemon juice
½ ounce lime juice
1 ounce heavy cream
white of 1 fresh egg… Read more


80 Strong Kentucky Straight Bourbon Review

“Think when you drink”! Truth be told! And when first I saw the bottle holding this amber nectar, that’s precisely what I did.

The presentation made for interesting expectations when I first opened this delicious looking bottle. My first impression, as the scent of 80 Strong hit me, was of something both sweet and exotic. Inviting. Like a deep leather couch and a warm fire.

Its fully-matured flavor is one of the most special I … Read more

Wicked Sky

Who would have thought to combine single-malt scotch with Midori and pineapple juice? Not me, but DOTW reader Tommy did, and in his own words says, “This drink sounds kinda gross, but TRUST ME IT’S NOT! =).” This cocktail made into Tommy’s personal recipe book, so it’s gotta be good. Thanks, Tommy!


1 oz Single-Malt Scotch
1 ½ oz Midori (or melon liqueur)
Pineapple juice


In a shaker with ice add the Scotch … Read more

Presidio Yacht Club

This is the view from the bar at the Presidio Yacht Club in Sausalito, CA! … Read more


Jameson Pub Award

The Local, an Irish Pub in Minneapolis, was honored recently by delegation from Dublin for selling the most Jameson on Earth. The Local, started by 2 Irish transplants sold nearly 400 cases of Jameson.

I would have thought my neighborhood Trader Joe’s would have been honored just on my purchases alone, but hats off to the Local for keeping the Holy Water flowing in America’s heartland.

The Local Irish Pub, Minneapolis, MN
Jameson Irish Whiskey… Read more

15 (Other) Uses for Vodka

These are real uses for vodka in Russia. I originally posted this last year after a friend sent it to me. Somehow, I managed to delete it while updating the photo. Never drink and code, I guess. So back by popular demand…

15 (Other) Uses for Vodka

1. To remove a bandage painlessly, saturate the bandage with vodka. The solvent dissolves adhesive.

2. To clean the caulking around bathtubs and showers, fill a trigger-spray bottle … Read more

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Partida Tequila Review

On a sunny San Francisco afternoon, I first appreciated the smooth mellow flavor of this superior tequila.

I first savored the deep rich flavor of the amber añejo. Delicious in its mellow tones, and yet sharp in its effect, this añejo should be a must for any lover of fine tequila.

Next, I enjoyed the enticing blanco. Sipping a shot made me think of those days long ago lounging in Tahoe enjoying spring! Light and … Read more

Teach Your Baby How to Mix Cocktails

This new book series by Lisa Brown is hillarious. In addition to bartending, the series lays out all sorts of chores you can have your 2-year-old perform. These include banking, making breakfast, and fixing the car. 



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Bartender’s Guide – A Cool Way to Drink & Serve Cocktails

From Idealist, the “Bartender’s Guide” is an interactive display and information system. It communicates with the aid of the surface of the drinks serving counter in a cocktail bar. There concentric stripes around the cocktail glasses appear. Their graduated colors provide information about the ingredients of the drink.

Read more.

There is also a similar idea to this called “iBar.” Here’s the link and a video of how it works:
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Drinking Guinness with Your Phone

Imagine needing a Guinness (this happens often at DOTW) and finding it with your phone. That’s what mobile marketing company Naviblog and drinks maker Diageo had in mind, when they released “Guinness Navi” yesterday: a service that allows you to find your nearest Guinness-serving pub by just clicking on your phone. The service is available only in Tokyo for right now, apparently.

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