Partida Tequila Review

partida.jpgOn a sunny San Francisco afternoon, I first appreciated the smooth mellow flavor of this superior tequila.

I first savored the deep rich flavor of the amber añejo. Delicious in its mellow tones, and yet sharp in its effect, this añejo should be a must for any lover of fine tequila.

Next, I enjoyed the enticing blanco. Sipping a shot made me think of those days long ago lounging in Tahoe enjoying spring! Light and fresh the taste was like the breeze off that pristine lake.

Last, I sipped the intense reposado! This top-shelf winner made me dream of a Saturday night out in the clubs. Its flavor made me dream of a dark-haired girl on a moonlit night. Thank you.

Both the presentation and flavor of these great tequilas reminds me of something new and special. A quality for which we all know San Francisco is famous. Muchas gracias Señor Shansby for bringing us these unique tequilas.

Partida Tequila

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