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Happy National Creamsicle Day!

Who knew there was a whole day devoted to one of the greatest popsicle ever, the Creamsicle? What a great idea! I enjoyed these so much as a child (and occasionally as an adult).

Yum. They are awesome!

Of course, we have a version that comes in a cocktail glass. Get the recipe here.

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The Olympic Drinking Game

With hundreds of hours Olympic coverage to watch over the next two weeks, we figured a drinking game was in order. Of course, we ask that you drink responsibly. There aren’t any Gold Medals for finishing this one first.

Keeping things simple, take a drink each time:

    There is a reference to the Olympics being “China’s coming out party”
    They show special interest story about an athlete
    A commentator tells you what the athlete is

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Beer: Who Owns What?

InBev buys Anheuser-Busch, Moslon buys Coors, Miller and MolsonCoors merge and Pabst buys Stroth’s, Schlitz, and Olympia. With all the consolidation in the beer ondustry, who know who is now making your favorite brew? Fortune Magazine put together this handy in interactive chart to help us all keep track. Amazingly, Sam Adams Brewer, Boston Beer is now the largest, independent, publicly-traded brewery in the USA!

99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall [Fortune Magazine]… Read more

Hospital-Themed Bars

Finally recovering after having my appendix explode a week ago, I am finally able to get back to sharing the wonderful world of cocktails with you all. Writing this from my hospital bed, I thought it would be fun to see what I could find in the way of medical- or hospital-themed bars and drinks. Good thing themed bars are all the rage!

I found bars in Australia, Japan, and one in Singapore named “The … Read more

Olympic Cocktails

Every four years the world gathers for the Olympic Games. In a few short days, the Games begin in Beijing, China. To celebrate the folks at Castle Brands created cocktails made with ingredients from the 4 corners if the world: Italian Limoncello, American Bourbon, Irish Whiskey and Bermudian Rum anchor this international cocktail relay. Have a favorite cocktail with and Olympic twist? We want to hear about it. Add your drink to the competition.

Bermuda… Read more

The Olympic

I usually don’t recycle our Drink of the Week, but we figured once every 4 years is acceptable for honoring the opening of the Olympic Games. What can I say, this cocktail, aptly named “The Olympic,” wins a gold medal every time!


    1 oz brandy
    1 oz triple sec
    1 oz orange juice
    Orange peel


Combine ingredients in a shaker filled with ice, shake and strain into a chilled martini or cocktail glass. … Read more


I know we really don’t cover tech news but this is to good to pass up. This iPhone app, available at iTunes for $2.99, turns your handset into a virtual beer mug.

The application mimics the movements of a typical beer mug. Chug, and it drains. Jiggle it and it will spill. We recommend sipping.

iBeer has no real useful application that we could find. Still, we see it as a bar ice breaker, so … Read more


St. Francis Cocktail – Clock Bar – San Francisco

Building on the success of his restaurant at the St. Francis Hotel, Michael Mina has converted a former jewelry store into a bar worthy of a scene out of Mad Men.

The bar was designed in “neo-mod” style, reminiscent of cocktail lounges 50 years ago. I was impressed by the extensive cocktail menu, fresh ingredients and attention to detail. Hats off to the friendly staff and amazing cocktails.

This cocktail is a shout out … Read more

The Great Male Survey

Askmen.com recently conducted, “The 2008 Great Male Survey,” one of the most comprehensive opinion polls of men ever conducted on the web. Over a five-week span, more than 70,000 respondents took the time to answer a broad range of questions across five main survey sections: Lifestyle, Dating, Sexuality, Power & Money, and Current Events.

We gleaned a relevant bit:

How many drinks do you consume weekly?

    0 – 24%
    1 to 3 – 33.7%

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9 Piece Mojito Set

Check out this classy, inexpensive mojito set large enough to serve the whole gang.

The set includes a solid-wood muddler, recipe mixing glass, and 6 retro classic tall mojito glasses.

Rum, mint, sugar and ice sold separately.

9-Piece Mojito Set

Also, check out our mojito recipe!… Read more

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