The Olympic Drinking Game

beijing 2008With hundreds of hours Olympic coverage to watch over the next two weeks, we figured a drinking game was in order. Of course, we ask that you drink responsibly. There aren’t any Gold Medals for finishing this one first.

Keeping things simple, take a drink each time:

  • There is a reference to the Olympics being “China’s coming out party”
  • They show special interest story about an athlete
  • A commentator tells you what the athlete is thinking
  • They run that scary United Airlines commercial
  • Each time an athlete screws up, they say “He/She was perfect in practice”
  • Each time they pan to George Bush (feel free to do a line of coke as well, *not condoned by DOTW)
  • Each time there is a highlight reel, mixed with the Goo Goo Dolls
  • A former Olympian/Commentator let’s us know what they would have done differently or reminisces on the old days
  • They have a reporter wander around Beijing
  • They reference past glory or a new dynasty
  • Bob Costas has a guest on the couch
  • They show us Yao Ming, Kobe Bryant or LeBron James
  • Each time your country wins a Gold Medal
  • Commentator says athlete is bringing their “A Game” is going to “Shake Things Up” or “gives 110%”

Feel free to add you own by commenting below. We know there are many others we missed.

Olympic Cocktails

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