Bar Smarts Wired

Bar Smarts

This fall Pernod-Ricard has partnered with the Beverage Alcohol Resource (BAR) to bring the world an online version of their Bar Smarts bartender training, education and certification program.

Bar Smarts Wired takes one through 4 modules covering distillation, the spirits, mixology basics and practical applications of mixology. The $45 course is an amazing deal. You get a top-notch mixology program, complete with pdfs for easy reading and entertaining videos featuring the likes of Dan Wondrich and Dale de Groff. The student also receives a very nice & complete set of bar tools (pictured) and a bag to carry it all. Of course, Bar Smarts is not all fun, you need to pass 5 tests to graduate.Bar Smarts Kit

So if you got the itch to take an adventure in mixology, this is it.

Bar Smarts Wired

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