Rachel Halpren

His and Her Cocktails For Valentine’s Day

post iconAre you wondering how to spend your Valentine’s Day tomorrow? Are you thinking about what to buy your sweetie? How about His and Her Cocktails? It’s certainly more romantic than a Snuggie or a Slanket or the ones built for two and costs less than an expensive night on the town. Plus, it’s the gift that keeps on giving as it’s highly unlikely you are going to down a whole bottle of whisky in one sitting. But, I may be wrong. That’s totally up to you. …Read More

The Essential Cockail – Literary Monday

post iconThis week’s top book pick is from the modern master of the cocktail himself, Dale DeGroff, and his The Essential Cocktail. Dale was and continues to be one of the leaders in bringing back the cocktail and elevating bartenders back to their rightful status as professionals and masters of their craft that was destroyed with the start of Prohibition. …Read More

Cocktails that Sparkle for Cupid

post iconCupid is readying his arrow. Are you wondering who he will hit? Do you hope it will be you? If you need a little help romancing a new love or an old one, these sparkling cocktails will be your biggest helper. No woman can resist something that sparkles and men have a hard time too! …Read More

Every Day Champagne Primer

post iconChampagne can still be a conundrum. You look at the label and it looks like it was written in Greek. What does Brut mean or what is a Blanc de Blanc? Well, this Champagne Primer is here to help you decipher those labels and provide some basic information on Champagne. …Read More

Speed Rack – An Ode To Girl Power

post iconThere is no better word for Speed Rack than girl power! Gatherings of the best female bartenders across the United States supported by male bar backs and crowds of people gathered to watch them compete. The venue awash in people sporting pink apparel. All money donated to the fight against breast cancer! …Read More

2010 Quattro Mani Barbera Review – Wine Wednesday

post iconQuattro Mani is the brainchild of Domaine Select Wine Estates. It is an offering of second label wines from some of Italy and Slovenia’s best winemakers. The 2010 Quattro Mani Barbera is made by Danilo Droco, one of Piedmont’s greatest winemakers. Not only is the Quatro Mani Barbera a zippy little wine, it’s also a great price at $8.99 a bottle. In fact, it’s one of the best wines priced under $10 that I have tried. …Read More

Cynar Artichoke Liqueur Review

post iconI bet you didn’t know that cocktails are being made from Artichokes. Over the last few years, Amari (bitter liqueurs) has swept the cocktail world! One its rising stars is Cynar, an Amaro from Italy made from artichokes with a few other herbs and plants thrown into the mix. …Read More

A History of the World In Six Glasses – Literary Monday

post iconWe spend a lot of time thinking about drinks but I was still taken aback by the impact that six beverages had on world civilization. In his book, History of the World in Six Glasses, Tom Standage explores the effect that beer, wine, distilled spirits, tea, coffee and Coca Cola had on civilization and world history. It’s nothing short of remarkable. …Read More

Super Bowl Cocktail Throwdown – New York vs. New England

post iconIn homage to the proud heritage of New York and New England, we looked for classic cocktails that originated in New York and New England. We think that both the ladies and gents will be happy with this eclectic mix. Let us know what cocktail you like the best! …Read More