His and Her Cocktails For Valentine’s Day

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Are you wondering how to spend your Valentine’s Day tomorrow?  Are you thinking about what to buy your sweetie?  How about His and Her Cocktails?  It’s certainly more romantic than a Snuggie or a Slanket or the ones built for two and costs less than an expensive night on the town. Plus, it’s the gift that keeps on giving as it’s highly unlikely you are going to down a whole bottle of whisky in one sitting.  But, I may be wrong.  That’s totally up to you.

Our friend, the master bartender, Bobby Gleason, sent us his idea for Valentine’s Day and we loved it – His and Her Cocktails.  In our humble opinion, there isn’t much better out there than cocktails and what could top cocktails for two for the annual celebration of love.  All it really requires is that you buy a bottle or two of booze and some mixers.  Seriously, that’s cheaper than a box of chocolates.  Although, I think that I am speaking for most ladies out there when I say a box of chocolates is a much appreciated accompaniment to the His and Her Cocktails.

For the ladies, Bobby has created a drink combining whisky and watermelon schnapps.  I know, you are questioning our sanity.  Can that really be good?  Well it is.  Give it a try – it’s called the Canadian Melon.  Although, I would have fancied upon the name a bit for Valentine’s Day since the name Canadian Melon doesn’t really conjure up romance, but the drink might or the name might if you really love Canada.

For the gents, Bobby has created a drink based on the classic combination of whisky and ginger ale.  For all you manly men out there who want to beef it up a bit, give ginger beer a whirl instead.  Give it it a try – it’s called The Burgundy.  Again, the name doesn’t impart much romance but the drink may.

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