2010 Stoneleigh Pinot Noir Review – Wine Wednesday

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This week’s Wine Wednesday is the 2010 Stoneleigh Pinot Noir and it hails from Marlborough New Zealand.  While we receive this wine as a sample, it appears to retail from $9.99 to $17 and at $9.99, just sneaks into Wine Wednesday.  There have been many a wine from Italy and Spain featured in the Wine Wednesday column, but not so many from New Zealand.  While the wines from New Zealand aren’t overly expensive, they generally don’t fall into the $10 and under category.  But, a number of them can be had in the $10 to $20 range and are still a good value at those prices.

While New Zealand is known for its Sauvignon Blanc wines, Pinot Noir is coming on strong.  Thanks to the hole in the ozone over New Zealand, the Pinot is able to retain its characteristic high acid due to the cool growing region, yet develop the lovely red fruit notes of the Pinot thanks to the hole in the ozone.  I wish we were kidding about the hole in the ozone, but we aren’t.  It’s that hole that allows New Zealand to produce unique wines.  Remember, that vintages in New Zealand are roughly six months older than those dated the same year in the Northern hemisphere.

Here is the tasting note for the 2010 Stoneleigh Pinot Noir:

Appearance:  Clear, bright with a medium ruby color.

Nose:  Clean, developing with medium intensity of cherry, currant, raspberry, a hint of blackberry and baking spices.

Palate:  Dry, medium plus acid, medium body, low tannin, medium alcohol, medium intensity of ripe cherry, currant, raspberry, blackberry, baking spices and earth.  Medium finish.

Rating:  Good wine.  This Pinot is a little meatier than some and would pair nicely with a mushroom dish or a pasta with a light meat sauce.

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