Glen Grant 10 Yr. Single Malt Whiskey Review

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This scotch is the perfect spirit for beginning scotch drinkers.  It expresses the essence of scotch with its soft nose and palate expressions of dried fruit and kernal flavors, such as toffee, with none of the intensity or smokey peat that may turn off beginning drinkers.  This soft and approachable qualities also make it a great scotch to use in cocktails.  The Glen Grant 10 Yr. Single Malt Whiskey also clocks at an entry level price at just under $40.  

An interesting side note is that its unique bottle shape (its a tall, slender bottle) is supposed to reflect the tall stills used to make the whiskey.

Appearance: clear with a pale, waxy yellow to tawny brown. 

Nose: clean, moderate intensity of yellow apple, sultantas, malt, light oak, wax, toffee and vanilla. 

Palate: moderate intensity with a funky apple, pear, grapefruit, meyer lemon, sultanas, wax and toffee.  Long finish.

Rating: Good. Could have been better if the Feel the alcohol was integrated.  But, its soft and subtle flavors will lend well to use in cocktails.

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