XP Pale Ale: Bear Republic Brewing Company

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Nestled among posh restaurants and shops lies one of Healdsburg’s greatest gems, the Bear Republic Brewing Company.  The Bear is a microbrewery that produces exciting and rich house ales, all of which have been awarded prestigious honors from beer competitions from around the country. The brewery also produces limit sale seasonal brews that are always
awaited with great anticipation.

Last week, I had room in my schedule to make a little visit to the brewery. I decided to review a beer I had never tried, as writing a review on the infamous and loved Racer 5 IPA would lack anything constructive other than “it is so good!” So instead, I ordered an XP Pale Ale. The XP, which is short for “Exceptional,” is a balanced malty and hoppy ale that is smooth from start to finish. It has a soft yeasty smell and taste, which I find soothing and very drinkable. With it’s light taste and mouth feel I would imagine that this ale could pair with any meal or snack. However, it is so light, drinking it alone is just

This beer is agreeable with almost any pallet, with the exception of people who only enjoy the deep, dark varieties of beer. This ale is not the one to turn to if you are searching for highly complex flavors, but it is the perfect aperitif on a breezy spring evening. With an ABV of only 5.4%, you can make this ale a starter and move onto one of the Bear’s bolder brews such as the Red Rocket Ale.  This beer is receives a rating of “good” from me. I enjoyed the calm purity of this pale ale, however I was left wanting a little something more. I would recommend this ale to Blue Moon and Great White beer drinkers as it almost fits in with the wheat style of beer.

Go out and give the XP and the Bear’s other brews a try. Believe me when I say that there is a reason the Bear has such a fan following. And lastly, in the words of the Bear’s brewmaster, “Respect life, don’t drink and drive, make beer not bombs, and real ale is alive.”

The Bear Republic Brewing Company is located at 345 Healdsburg Ave., Healdsburg CA, 95448

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