Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit Review

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September is National Bourbon Month and we are celebrating with tons of reviews, cocktails and history lessons!

The name started in 1940 when a distillery executive took a sample on a wild turkey hunting trip and it stuck. The next year, his buddies asked for some of that wild turkey whisky and a brand was born (the distillery had existed prior to Prohibition and started upon again as soon as Prohibition ended). Wild Turkey’s other claim to fame is that it is a 101 proof—more octane that most bourbons.

The Wild Turkey is a light copper color with notes of orange peel, corn, geranium, vanilla, butterscotch and a light smoky quality. On the palate, the Wild Turkey is like liquid fire with dried fruit, vanilla and smoke. You can definitely feel the alcohol in this high-octane drink but it doesn’t drown out the fruit and oak essences.

For a jet-fueled cocktail, try this high-octane spirit in a Manhattan or Old Fashioned.

I think Jimmy Russell has a hit on his hands!

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