Valentine’s Day Chocolate Picks

Chocolate is a traditional Valentine’s Day gift. And while there isn’t really such a thing as bad chocolate, Valentine’s Day is an occasion to show you put more thought into your gift than running into the Rite Aid and grabbing the last Whitman’s Sampler.

Since it is the thought that counts, here are some gourmet chocolates that will show you put a lot of thought into your chocolate selection. Choose the chocolate that matches your sweetheart’s sweet tooth and personality.

TCHO Valentine's Chocolate

TCHO is a high-tech chocolate maker with a conscience.

Using technology, the company maps cocoa beans by their flavor type to make the perfect organic dark chocolate. And their business practices “go beyond Fair Trade” to include a crusade against worker exploitation and slavery in farming.

If your Valentine appreciates no-frills, quality chocolate and a modern aesthetic, then TCHO’s quote tins (your choice of famous quotes about love) filled with chocolate hearts is a good choice.

Garrison Chocolate Garrison Confections melds the modern with the traditional, producing beautiful and tasty handmade chocolates.

Garrison mixes unusual gourmet flavors and artistic presentation, perfect for a Valentine who enjoys special surprises but a minimal amount of fanfare.

The box includes the “Tarzan and Jane” — guava rose, pink guava pate de fruit over dark chocolate ganache enrobed in milk chocolate among the varieties inspired by history’s greatest lovers.

Woodhouse Chocolate Woodhouse Chocolate is handmade in unique flavor combinations, with traditional Valentine’s packages available.

If your Valentine swoons at gourmet confections such as jasmine green tea in a milk chocolate ganache or elderflower blossom in a dark chocolate ganache Napa Valley’s Woodhouse is the chocolatier to seek out.

All of these would go well with a great Champagne or sparkling wine!

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