Tres Agave Tequila Blanco Review

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We recently attended a special event held by our friends at Nirvino where Tres Agave Tequila Ambassador Eric Ruben demonstrated the the fine art of the perfect margarita.  Eric keeps his Margaritas simple: 2 parts tequila, 1 part agave, and 1 part lime juice. Shaken and served on the rocks.

Tres Agave Tequila comes to us from the San Francisco Tequila Bar of the same name. The Company produces their own 100% agave tequila as well as agave nectar and margarita mix. They work with one of Mexico’s oldest distilleries, El Llano, to produce a proprietary tequila that is entirely estate-produced, high-quality, and affordable ($25-$45).  Tres Agaves Añejo was awarded the highest rating for a tequila in the Ultimate Spirits Challenge for 2010 and the blanco and reposado took 2 out of 3 Chairman’s Trophies in the Ultimate Cocktail Challenge.

We tried the blanco. Tres Agave Blanco, is full bodied and earthy, which evident on the nose. The drinker is hit with the pungent smell of roasted agave. This is one smooth blanco with grassy notes and a nice warm sightly salty finish. Perfect for a crisp clean margarita.

We give it an 8 out of 10.

Tres Agave Tequila

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