Top 5 Drinks to Take to Your Grave

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You always hear people talking about what they would eat for their last meal or before they die. It got us thinking at DOTW, what would I drink before I died. Below are my top five, yes if I were dying I’d want all five. What are your top five cocktails?

  1. Sidecar: My all time favorite drink. The Sidecar has held this spot for the past 15 years and I don’t know if it will ever be dislodged. Invented at Harry’s Bar in Paris during prohibition (when creative cocktailing moved from it’s home base in the United States to Europe and Asia). This amazing concoction is also the grandfather of the Margarita. It’s a delicious combination of brandy (cognac), trip sec and lime juice served shaken with a sugar rim. Yummy! If you are ever in San Francisco, head to the Bix and order up a Side Car.
  2. Mai Tai: Not the Pai Tai’s that you are thinking—this is the term that we have coined for the super sweet pineapple rum drinks that you get when you order a Mai Tai, particularly if you order when in Hawaii. We are talking about the original high-octane concoction developed by Trader Vic’s in Emeryville California. An enticing combination of multiple rums, passion fruit juice, lime and other ingredients that are served over shaved ice.
  3. Old Fashioned: This is a versatile drink – it tastes good made with whiskey (of all shapes and sizes), brandy and rum. It can be simple, booze, sugar and bitters with ice or more complex – adding cherries, oranges and even soda. Given that I am from Wisconsin, I would have a Wisconsin Brandy Old Fashion Sweet. This libation would be made from a sugar cube muddled with cherries, oranges and angostura bitters, Brandy (preferably Korbel) and filled with 50/50. But, the original (no cherries, oranges or soda) with Japanese whisky is a close second.
  4. Old Cuban: An old-time drink that is essentially a mojito made with champagne. What else can you say, rum, mint, lime and champagne. Yummy!
  5. Floradora: A couple of years ago, I would have never thought a gin drink would make my list of top 5. But, gin has come back strong with a number of amazing new entrants and so have gin drinks. A revived gin drink is the Floradora. Muddled raspberries, gin and ginger beer served in a tall glass. The perfect combination of sweet and tang
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What are your 5 must have drinks?

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