Tips for Spicing Up Your Margarita

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If you love the spice, as I do, why not add a little heat to your Cinco de Mayo margaritas? From easy-peasy to a wee bit involved, here are some ways to spice it up:

  • Instead of a plain salt rim, use a combination of kosher salt and cayenne pepper OR kosher salt and chili powder to rim your glass. We have simple instructions on how to rim a glass, if you need a refresher.
  • Make your margarita with agave nectar and, before shaking, muddle a couple of slices of jalapeño with the agave nectar. You can also add to the muddling a slice or two of a fruit that pairs well with spice, such as guava or mango.
  • Infuse a silver tequila with a pepper! One way is to slice a jalapeño in half lengthwise, remove the seeds, and steep it in a cup of tequila for an hour (longer if desired … just sample as you go to ensure you like the flavor). Or let a handful of dried red chiles steep in silver tequila overnight up to two days. The key is to do small batches, starting with one sample batch, and to taste often and remove the peppers once desired flavor is there.


Photo courtesy of La Grande Farmers Market.

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