Thoroughly Modern Milkshakes – Literary Monday

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This week’s book pick is Thoroughly Modern Milkshakes, an appropriate pick given the sweltering heat consuming the United States. I love milkshakes, actually, I really love malts, and was pretty excited to see this book show up. Thoroughly Modern Milkshakes covers everything from the basics, chocolate shake anyone, to the exotic, ever try a raspberry rose shake. We tried a few of the recipes and it is clear that Adam Ried, author of Thoroughly Modern Milkshakes, knows his stuff.

If you don’t like shakes or malts, this may not be the perfect book for you, but there are interesting recipes for cholados, batidos, licuados, aguas frescas and yogart drinks. To be honest, I had heard of mango lassi’s, which is a yummy yogart drink, batidos (thanks to trips to Brazil) and aguas frescas but had never heard of a cholados or licuados. A cholado is a combination of ice, fruit, condensed milk and syrup. You eat the fruit while the ice melts, forming an almost sherbet like experience. Yum! Licuados are apparently Mexican batidos and consists of a blend of fruit, ice and milk. In Brazil, I saw them made with avocado but was never brave enough to try one

For you booze hounds, this book has plenty of options. As you know, booze and ice cream make good partners. I can’t say that I have ever voluntarily turned down a Grasshopper, Brandy Alexander or Kahlua shake. This book will expand your horizons and teach you how to make shakes with Armagnac, Amaretto, Bourbon and Rum, along with a few other boozy concoctions. Give them a try this summer. It will give you something fun to do and help keep the heat at bay. And, it will help you get a jump on one of the next big trends, the return of the soda fountain.

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