The 100 Absolutes


Absolut is running a cool ad campaign, The 100 Absolutes. Absolut is asking us all to rate the Absolutes on 100 topics in 6 Categories: Culture, Fashion, Food & Drink, Science & Tech, People & Places and Miscellaneous.

I gravitated to the food & drink category. Pictured above are the 8 choices for Absolute Cocktail. Drink of the Week readers seem to favor the Appletini, personally I like a Vodka Martini. My Picks in other Topics

Absolute Bar – I’ve been to two of the eight, the Hudson Bar in NYC and Fluid in SF. I won a flat panel monitor at a networking event at Fluid, so as I type into my nice BIG monitor, my vote goes to Fluid. I reserve the right to change my answer as I visit more of the spots on the list.

Absolute Blog – A tie between fellow FM sites Boing Boing & 43Folders. If you don’t read these sites regularly, you should.

Absolute City – San Francisco didn’t make the list – What?!? So, instead I gotta go with New York, New York – a town so nice they named it twice.

Absolute Cocktail Occasion – Anytime (Duh!)

Absolute Comedian – Chris Rock. He makes me laugh every time, doesn’t matter how many times I’ve heard the routine.

Absolute Drink Mixer – the choices: club soda, cola, ginger ale and tonic water. For versatility, I like club soda.

Absolute Gangster Flick – Goodfellas, Colors, Scarface, The Godfather, Resivior Dogs, Once Upon A Time in America. They are awesome. The Absolute – Goodfellas.

Absolute Job – I always wanted to say I was an Architect.

Absolute Juice – Cranberry, Orange, Pineapple, Apple. I’m a Pineapple fan.

Absolute Joke – the Aristocrats

Absolute Long Drink – Bloody Mary. Sunday Morning Brunch.

Absolute Pre-Dinner Drink – The readers say Cosmpolitan. I still like the trusty Vodka Martini.

Absolute Quote – I like this uplifting little ditty from Oscar Wilde “The Truth is Rarely Pure and Never Simple”. I also like these famous drinking quotes.

Absolute Restaurant – Of the eight choices, I have been to 2, Nobu and Gramercy Tavern. Of those, Nobu has some damn good sushi and Howard swears by it.

Absolute Rock Star – My choice of the 8, Keith Richards. He’s still alive! Need I say more. Rock On Keith!

Absolute Street – I’d vote for the strip in Vegas, except you really don’t want to walk on the street. You walk in the Casinos. So it is eliminated. My vote, 5th Avenue. Nothing more to say on that.

Absolute Vice – the choices here are a bit wimpy (bacon, nail-biting, coffee and shopping). I choose to abstain from the voting, although bacon is tasty.

Absolute Restroom – my favorite topic. I haven’t been in any of these restrooms, but they all must be something.

Absolute Toilet Poetry – Take it Easy

These are just a few of my Absolutes (there are 100 after all)

Vote for your Absolute 100 and share your Absolutes with us.

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