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2007 Malt Advocate Whisky Awards

The 2007 Malt Advocate whisky awards were announced by John Hansell, Malt Advocate Publisher & Editor, before a sold out WhiskyFest New York at the Marriott Marquis on Times Square. This annual awards program was established thirteen years ago to recognize excellence in the world of whisky. The awards categories and winners are listed below.

* Canadian Whisky of the Year: Crown Royal Cask No. 16
* American Whiskey of the Year: Old Forester Birthday … Read more

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San Francisco WhiskyFest

Tuesday night marked the very first WhiskyFest held in my hometown, San Francisco. Those in the know have been enjoying this event in New York and Chicago for a decade. I was very eager for this event and I was not disappointed. Where else are you going to find over 200 whiskeys in one place (and a brandy, rum and gin thrown in for good measure)?

The event was one of the best I have … Read more

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SoCo & Lime – SoCo Night Institute

We were recently asked to submit a video course for Southern Comfort’s Night Institute. What is the Night Institute? It is a new video website offering “courses” in bartending, bar tricks and more. Course titles include: “How to Impress Her Friends”, “Dancing with a Drink in Your Hand” and “Bar Bets: Olive This Trick”.

Earn credits for each class you take and earn more in good ol’ bar know how.

Start with yours truly and … Read more

How to Hide Booze at the Office

From Dethroner, comes this bit of sheer genius. What looks like some boring old boxes of copier paper, is really a beer fridge in disguise! That’s the type of ingenuity that a business should be proud of, I hope that guys got a promotion.

Neatorama wrote about this item as well and the Whiskey Hiding Binder, which certainly earns a place in the “hiding booze” category. Complete with shot glasses, this is my kind of … Read more

What’s in a Name: Whisky or Whiskey?

Boozin Gear’s Boozin’ Blog explores this question that puzzles many, Whiskey or Whisky? What’s the deal, why haggle over an ‘e’? Both words have the same basic meaning “water of life.” The distinction is in geography and composition; ‘whisky’ refers to the Scotch version and ‘whiskey’ the Irish version. Apparently, this distinction got even more complicated once both Scotch and Irish Distillers came to North America.

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This Week’s Drink – The Grizzly

Jason sends us this energy drink fueled concoction containing bourbon, brown ale, and lemonade. The Grizzly is not just a drink it is a meal. Be careful, a few of these and you be three sheets and wide awake. OK, maybe that ain’t so bad.


    1 oz bourbon
    2 oz lemonade or sour
    3 oz energy drink
    Fill with ice
    Top with beer (brown ale recommended )


Jason has been making these for … Read more

Scotch Whisky PC

What to do with an empty bottle of Scotch? Build a PC in it, of course. Take a look a the photos; this is awesome!

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Small-Batch Distillers Tap into Trend

Ralph Erenzo and Brian Lee keep a still in the barn to make whiskey. No, the two are not backwoods bootleggers filling jugs with “XXX” on the side. Their shiny copper kettle cooks up whiskey that can run $40 for a half-sized bottle and vodka distilled from local Hudson Valley apples, all under the high-end Tuthilltown Spirits label.

Read more.… Read more

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All-American Cocktails

Time to take a midsummer pause to celebrate Independence Day. It may mark our struggle against tyranny and taxes, but for the majority of us it means fireworks, parades and food! This means drinks for all that celebrating and washing down those eats. We’ve assembled a fun collection of cocktails with an American theme.

Here’s a few to get you started:

    All American
    American Sweetheart
    Red White & Blue

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Save the Bartenders

This post from Gothamist hits close to home. I started this site many years ago to get away from the dreaded Gin & Tonic. Not that there is any wrong with the simplicity of the gin, vodka, whiskey, tonic, soda combinations, they are efficient but let’s face it, boring.

Yes, this is the year of the cocktail and there are quite a few gourmet bartenders popping up in upscale bars, but still the ease of … Read more

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