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Southern Pacific Julep

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Created by H. Joseph Ehrmann, proprietor at Elixr in San Francisco for their Cinco de Derby celebration. There is almost nothing better than a hint of peach in your Julep, a bit of ginger is better!

Vieux Carre

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Vieux Carre or “Old Square” is how the local French refer to the French Quarter.  Created at the Hotel Monteleone in 1938 by bartender Walter Bergeron, the Vieux Carre has become one of the quintessential New Orleans cocktails.

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    Russell’s Reserve 6-Year-Old Kentucky Rye Whiskey Review

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    Rye was a favorite spirit in the United States prior to Prohibition. Since then, only a few producers have continued making rye but it is making a comeback. In 2007, Master Distiller Jimmy Russell and his son Eddie released Russell’s Reserve Rye.

    Russell’s Reserve Rye is a light tawny, almost golden color with a nose of cherry, orange, dusty oak and spices. On the palate, the Russell’s Reserve is a lighter rye with flavor notes … Read more

    How to Make Cherry Bitters

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    If you love a good Manhattan like we do, make your next one with your own homemade bitters.

    With only a dash or two, bitters add complexity and balance to your cocktail.

    This simple recipe is made with everyday ingredients you can find at the grocery store. Just a pinch of each ingredient goes a long way, so you can make larger batches and bottle them as gifts.


    1 vanilla bean, split lengthwise
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    Cherry Patriot

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