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Gruner Veltliner – A Wine For Passover and Easter

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We don’t want to commit sacrilege but we have the perfect wine for both Passover and Easter or maybe a joint celebration if you reside in a household that celebrates both.  But, we will warn you that these may not be the wines for your Passover if you want Kosher wines.  But, trust us.  Whether you have never heard of Gruner, may have heard it in passing or consider yourself a Grunerphile, this wine will … Read more

Kosher Wines for Passover

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Passover is almost upon us and unbeknownst to most, it’s a holiday where a significant amount of wine is supposed to be consumed.  Passover is a holiday celebrating the Jews exodus out of slavery in Egypt.   As part of the seder, four glasses of wine are consumed, and I would imagine that in some families, it’s much more.  The four glasses of wine symbolize a part of the ceremony: the Kiddush (sanctification of Passover), the … Read more