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Happy Pi Day! (A Mathematical Reason to Drink)

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Today is Pi Day! (March 14 is 3/14 … pi’s first digits are 3.14 … get it?) Even if the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter isn’t the type of thing you’d normally celebrate, Pi Day is another great reason to mix a cocktail.

The fun folks at ThinkGeek came up with this cocktail:

The ThinkGeek Pi-Tini

~ 3.14 ounces of blueberry vodka

~ “Measure the diameter of the glass in centimeters, then … Read more

Stone Cold Easter Island Ice Tray

I am a sucker for novelty ice trays … and therefore I am a sucker for FRED products. Love the Stone Cold ice tray! I’m ready to make cocktails with tiny Easter Island Moai in them.

Stone Cold Ice Cube Tray @ Perpetual Kid … Read more

Ice Invaders Ice Tray

If you spent your childhood zapping Space Invaders, this ice cube tray from Fred offers a way to warm your heart while cooling your drink.

The Ice Invaders silicon tray makes ice cubes shaped like the aliens in the classic 1980s video game.

So fire up the Atari 2600, and make the cocktail on the rocks!

Ice Invaders @ FRED… Read more

“Bone Chillers” Halloween Ice Tray

Turn your ice bucket into a chilling collection bones with the Fred Bone Chillers silicone ice tray.

Your Halloween cocktails and punches will be all the more frightening with frozen skulls and crossbones.

(Try using these bone cubes in a dark drink, like Black Punch, for maximum contrast.)

I’ve seen these a few places online and in person, but so far it looks like Sur La Table has the lowest price.… Read more