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Spider’s Kiss

With a zombie-green pallor, the Spider’s Kiss is a sweet Halloween cocktail treat with a spooky appearance. Recipe by of mixologist Victoria D’Amato-Moran, courtesy of Midori.… Read more

Absinthe Irish

The Tourment of the Irish. OK, St. Patrick’s Day cocktails should probably start with Irish Whiskey, but the Absinthe Irish from Le Tourment Vert is to tasty to pass up. So why not? Go Absinthe this St. Patrick’s Day!… Read more

Trick or Treat “Shotail”

This ghostly cauldron of licorice-melon flavors was conceived by Scott Gemmell of award-winning LA Bartenders. A delicate balance of black sambuca and green Midori, spooky indeed! Courtesy of Luxardo.… Read more

Watermelon #3

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Courtesy of Midori.… Read more

Shady Lady

She’s tall. She’s cool. She’s green. A vixen in a collins glass!… Read more

Scooby Snack

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Monkey Fizz

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Geisha Girl

She’ll treat you right!Read more

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