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Le Tourment Vert Updates Their Formula


Le Tourment Vert, the high-flying absinthe brand has updated their formula to mix even better in cocktails. The color is no longer a Listerine blue, which is comforting. It is now a pale green, as you can see above. The new formula reveals greater hints of anise and they removed the sugar. This was a good call, Le Tourment is now much smoother, highlighting the pleasant characteristics of anise & hints of citrus. The aftertaste … Read more

Absinthe Irish

The Tourment of the Irish. OK, St. Patrick’s Day cocktails should probably start with Irish Whiskey, but the Absinthe Irish from Le Tourment Vert is to tasty to pass up. So why not? Go Absinthe this St. Patrick’s Day!… Read more

Le Tourment Vert Absinthe Review

Hail the “holy trinity”! Last week I had the pleasure to meet the faces behind Le Tourment Vert ( and experience their vision of what this wonderful spirit offers after such a long hiatus from our shores. This Absinthe is handcrafted in small batches by Bruno Delannoy of Vinet Ege and combines fourteen herbs to create a truly inspirational blend. Moving beyond the ritualistic, yet fun, Classic and Bohemian Method of enjoying Absinthe, Le Tourment … Read more