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Cuervo Shot Chain

The Shot Poured ‘Round the World! Cuervo is putting together the worlds longest shot chain to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and the opening of what they call “Cuervo Season.”

Cuervo has put together a nicely done video of people enjoying a shot of Cuervo all over the World. Drinkers are also encouraged to make their own tequila drinking videos and upload them for all to enjoy.

The tag line for the event is peace, love … Read more

Last Call! An Anthology of Drinking Quotes

Very good collection of drinking quotes from luminaries like Shakespeare, Winston Churchill and Billy Carter. They have also pulled together some classic drinking quotes from the movies. And if that is not enough, we have even more drinking quotes for you to enjoy and borrow.

Read the quotes… Read more

Presidential Cocktails

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It’s Presidents Day!

Not all of out Commanders-in-Chief have been drinkers but many (actually most) have. Several, such as Thomas Jefferson and George Washington ran distilleries as part of their households. After signing the Declaration of Independence, the delegates drank heavily. As they did back then. The trend continues today.  

Here’s some of the libations enjoyed by our presidents  

    Gerald Ford: Gin and Tonic
    Herbert Hoover: Martini
    Richard Nixon: Rum & Coke
    Franklin D. Roosevelt:

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Gin, the New Vodka?

Gary Regan, celebrated mixologist and writer gives us a terrific journey into the world of new small-batch gins flavored with much more than just the required juniper berry. These days, gin is flavored with a wide variety of herbs, spices and botanicals including lavender, caramom, cinnamon, ginger and citrus. This makes for many a ideal martini, each unique to the batch of gin at its base.

Regan reviews a handful of small batch gins including … Read more

Champagne Cocktails

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New Years Eve is just a few short days away, so get that bubbly chilled and ready to toast 2007. Champagne is great straight, but mixing it up can really help out the not-so-good stuff. Making champagne cocktails also is great for leftover bubbly. Apparently, sugar will help revive the bubbles in flat champagne. The original champagne cocktail is made with a sugar cube soaked with angostura bitters. The recipe has changed little since it’s … Read more

Happy Repeal Day

Every December 5th we pause to remember the passing of the 21st Amendment, thus ending Prohibition. Yea, FDR!

The nice folks at sent us this fun bit of history. Dewar’s Scotch was the first legal whisky to arrive in the US, hitting New York’s South Street Seaport docks the moment the law was put into action. Joseph Kennedy, Sr. (JFK’s father) happened to be the US agent for the brand.

We found this cool video … Read more

Celebrate Repeal Day December 5th!

It’s that time of year again. No, not annual holiday celebration, it is something else. This Tuesday we celebrate the end to a dark time in American history, the passing of the 21 Amendment, thus repealing the 18th (aka Prohibition). For cocktails, however, Prohibition was a huge success. During Prohibition, people were drinking more than ever, it was the roaring 20s after all. Unfortunately, the only liquor folks could get was typically homemade and terrible. … Read more

Diet Cocktails Get You Drunker

A new study published in the American Journal of Medicine suggests that cocktails made with mixers containing artificial sweetness can get a person more intoxicated than a mixer with regular sweeteners.

Seems that diet drinks pass through the stomach faster than the regular ones. This makes the person’s blood alcohol level spike quickly, thus getting you drunker faster. It could also tip you over the legal limit. Of course, you should never drink and drive … Read more

Who Knew – The Little Ice Age

The Little Ice Age that hit the world from 1450 – 1850 is said to have killed a large portion of the grape crop in Europe. As a result of the lack of grapes, Europeans began producing beer and hard liquor. Over the years, these libations became predominant in Northern European countries. As the English, Irish and Germans began settling the original colonies, they brought their beer and booze with them. Thus establishing beer and … Read more

Drinking Pays

Men 10%, women 14%. That’s how much more money people who drink and socialize in bars earn compared to their teetotaling counterparts. Makes sense, alcohol is the great social lubricant.

Social Lubrication = Getting Business Done

Accoding to Edward Stringham, an economics professor at San Jose State University, “Social drinking builds social capital.” This just reaffirms the old saying, “It’s not what you know; it’s who you know,” and the people you want to Read more

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