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Shirley Temple

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Green Glass

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Courtesy of Moon Mountain Organic Vodka.… Read more

Essential Glassware – Collins Glass

The collins glass is an essential member of your barware collection. Every time I look at the collins glass, it reminds me of my first go-to drink, the Tom Collins. You might be thinking how old is this woman, wasn’t the Tom Collins popular in the 1940s through the 1960s? The answer to that question is “yes”! But I grew up in rural Wisconsin and the cocktail culture never diminished (even with the onslaught of … Read more

Açai Blackberry Cooler

After a Mixology Monday hiatus following Tales of the Cocktail, we are back on track for August. Felicia’s Speakeasy is hosting the event this month. The theme? Vodka is Your Friend. Yes, it is.

I decided to make this from a few ingredients I picked up in New Orleans. I settled on 360 Organic vodka, açai blackberry syrup and ginger ale for bite. I’m calling it the Açai Blackberry Cooler.… Read more

Maui Fizz

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