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Orangecello Champagne Cocktail

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Sent by J. Vurek.… Read more

Malibu Sparkler

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American Flyer

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French 75

Courtesy of Beefeater Gin.… Read more

Night & Day

Great on New Years’ Eve; perfect on New Year’s Day!… Read more

French Revolution

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Chicago Cocktail

A classic after-dinner drink from the city of big shoulders!Read more


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Movie MILFs and the Cocktails That Love Them

Happy Mother’s Day!

To help celebrate, X-Rate Fusion Liqueur created cocktails in honor of our favorite MILFs from TV and Film.

    Sweet Ben’s Pink Lemonade – Mrs Robinson in The Graduate, played by Anne Bancroft
    The Dean’s Wife – Marion Wormer in Animal House, played by Verna Bloom
    X Meeting Mrs. Bing – Chandler’s Mom in Friends, played by Morgan Fairchild
    The X-Rated Rec Room – Stifler’s mom in American Pie,

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Valentine’s Day Cocktails

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Whether you have sweetie to impress or are single and need to drown your sorrows (responsibly, of course) we have a some amazing, creative cocktails for you!

Amore Appletini – A twist on the ever popular Appletini, made with ginger vodka, Apple Pucker and apple juice.
Flame of Love – A sexy vodka-and-sherry combo.
Heart-Shaped World – This is drink is a fruity vodka explosion with maple syrup for an extra sweet … Read more

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