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Beers Knees

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The Beers Knees is a take on a classic cocktail. This refreshing beer cocktails is one of those unique drinks that both men and women will claim to love, and mean it.… Read more

Hump Day Liquor Links

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Happy New Year! Back to the grind, at least we are 1/2 through the first week. Only 51 more to go.

    The Barkeeper has publisher another issue, including a Random Drink Story from his upcoming book B.A.S.T.A.R.D.S,
    Amaze your friends with the ice ball maker from Japan. It presses cubes into sphere. Cool!
    SF Weekly has a list of tasty beer cocktails.
    The Bottoms Up Beer Filler. Still trying to completely figure this one out,

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Chocolate Velvet

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The geniuses at the Food Network came up with this simple but intriguing beer cocktail. The recipe calls for a chocolate stout. I’d recommend one by Rogue Ales or Wells & Young’s Brewing Company. Photo courtesy of Food Network.… Read more