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Party Like a Mad Man

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If you’re planning a Mad Men-style party to welcome Don, Roger and Betty back this season, establish the mood with episodes of Mad Men (with the sound off) running on televisions strategically located in your party space. Your favorite Mad Men characters will virtually be guests at your affair! A little Frank Sinatra or Ella Fitzgerald playing quietly in the background will also help to set the mood. Let your guests know to dust off … Read more

The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook – Literary Monday

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I love Mad Men, I love cookbooks and I love the 1960’s.  Imagine my pure delight when we received a copy of The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook – I was over the moon.  Truthfully, I had been eyeing the cookbook up on Amazon but the hubby begged me to not add to my collection.  Our small place groans under the weight of books and I can’t seem to stop my compulsion to buy more.  Recently, … Read more