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The New North Beach

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This week’s drink was is an original creation of mixologist Ben Smith of 15 Romolo in San Francisco. In his words:

“It’s kind of a play off a Trinidad Sour. Which is 2 oz Angostura bitters and 1 oz lemon. The New North Beach is a contemporary version with hints of vanilla from the carpano and light notes of cinnamon and spice from the amaro balanced with the acid of lemon, all rounded out by

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Effen’s Art of Design SF Cocktail Contest

We recently attended Effen Vodka‘s Art of Design Cocktail Contest in SF and our very own Jonas Halpren was one of the three judges, along with USBG President, Dave Nepove, and Wine Fashoinista, Mary Orlin.

In a very cool space at the Terra Gallery in SOMA, Effen gathered 10 Bay Area mixologists from near and far. The mixologists were then paired into teams of two (not quite sure how the pairing occurred—secretly planned twosomes or … Read more

Shaker Faces

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The way a bartender shakes will tell you a ton about the bartender and the quality of your cocktail. I’d say a bartenders shaker face can become their signature. There are some good, some bad. Combier, “the original triple sec,” figured they’d make a game out of it. What a better reason to travel the US visiting the country’s top mixologists. Each day a duo of mixologists compete for the best shaker face, and you … Read more